Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Johnnie Farm

Stages of building of Grammie's house in Littleton Maine. The Johnnie farm was named after the child that Grammie was carrying when her daughter Jennie burned to death. She fell on a set of stairs trying to get to Jennie and John was born with severe handicaps. He died in his teens. Obviously he had help, but for the most part this was built by my father. A stranger looking building, you never saw, but I suppose it was following Grammie's directions and needs. To get to this house, which sat on 100 acres, you had to turn off the Campbell road, pass through the fields belonging to my father's employers, the Campbells, and at the end of their fields you came to Grammie's boundary. Vehicles had a very hard time there, especially at the end. It sat on the Canadian border as did our plot of land.