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Monday, November 10, 2008

Perhaps from his return from Italy

Jake Cincotta from his passport

Rose and Jake Cincotta

Jennie Cafarella, Rose and Jake Cincotta

Jennie Cincotta Vasquez, Giacomo(Jacob)with Jennie Cafarella Cincotta

Jake and Rose's store

Jake Cincotta at the First National store in Brookline

Joseph Cafarella

Giuseppe 1879-1924
Rosina's father

Jennie Cafarella Daughter of Rose Patane and Domenic Cafarella

Rosina's mother Jennie 1877-1956

Jake and Rose

Joe DeFina, Jennie DeFina, Rose and Jake Cincotta and Anerio and Margaret Cincotta

Anerio and Jennie Cincotta

Anerio and Jennie Cincotta

Jennie and Joe DeFina

Jennie DeFina and her brother Anerio Cincotta

Jennie DeFina and Joe

Richard John DeFina

Richard and Dorina DeFina

Debra Anne DeFina Gallagher

Lisa DeFina Diamond

Paul DeFina

Paul DeFina

Paul and Mother Jenny DeFina

Anerio Cincotta

Anerio is at the top right second in from end. Aircraft mechanics as they arrived at Amarillo AFB

Anerio Cincotta alias: Sonny and Fred

Anerio with his Indian Motorcycle at Edwards AFB.

Anerio and Margaret Eagan