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Richard and Doreen DiFina

Richard is the son of Jennie Gloria Cincotta and Joseph DeFina. She only got prettier as time went on.

Anthony Cincotta High School 1958

Marion Vasquez and Tony Cincotta's son Anthony.
Evidently, when Anthony was a kid he got a black eye somewhere. Anerio Cincotta and Anerio Vasques started calling him Bo from then on after the cartoon dog in the Boston Post that had a black ring around his eye.
Anthony died on June 18, 2016

Best Buddies

Anerio Cincotta (Left) and Anerio Vasquez probably in Salem in the late forties. Anerio C. was known as Fred or Sonny and Anerio V. as Charlie. They were as close as brothers for their entire lives.

Jennie and Onofrio Vasquez

Jennie Cincotta married to Onofrio Vasquez. Onofrio was named for the Saint that was especially revered in Pollara, I believe, on Salina. Onofrio was long gone when I got to know Aunt Jennie. I obviously knew her since childhood, but I was so young that I had lost track of most of those relatives. I went to stay with her for a few days before my first trip to Italy. She dragged me off to church, I suppose to make sure I would be protected on my journey. We were immediate friends till her stroke years later. She had the same devilish smile that she had as a girl. A great woman and fun to be around.

Vasquez' and Cincottas

On the left is a family friend Mrs Gravelle, Jennie and Onofrio Vasquez and Rosina(Rose) and Jake(Jacopo) Cincotta. In front of Sacred Heart in Malden.

Jennie and Anerio Vasquez

As I understand it, this may be at a church related picnic in Salem. Here is mother Jennie and son Anerio Vasquez. Late 40s.

Brother and Sister

Jennie Cincotta Vasquez and Jake Cincotta

Gertrude, Bob and Eleanor

Gertrude Vasquez Scarano...Bob Duly...Eleanor Vasquez Duly.

The Vasquez Gang

Gertrude, Julia, Frank, Mother Jennie, Marion, Jennie and Anerio.
None of us knew how strange the men's suits were, but other than that, a family to be proud of.

Vasquez girls at home.

Gertrude, Eleanor, Marion, Dorothy, Julia and Mother Jennie Vasquez

Three generations of Vasquez'

Eleanor(With Linda?), Dorothy, Mother Jennie, Onofrio and Jennie.

Marion, Tony and Dorothy

Marion Vasquez Cincotta, her husband Tony Cincotta and Dorothy Vasquez Riccio

The Cowboy Craze

Could this be another manifestation of the Hopalong Cassidy years? Anerio Vasquez and friend.

A Vasquez rose between thorns

Charlie(Anerio), Eleanor Duly and Frank Vasquez.

Anerio Vasquez


Anerio Vasquez2


Anerio Vasquez3


Anerio Vasquez4

Not Charlie yet, too young to argue with Anerio.


Anerio(Charlie) Vasquez in uniform for the Knights of Columbus.

Anerio Vasquez5


Anerio Vasquez6


Anerio Vasquez8


The completed Family Vasquez

Linda, Pamela James, Patricia and Charlie with Parents Anerio and Pat Fredricks Vasquez.

The latest Vasquez addition.

Linda, Pat, James, Charlie and Pam with their parents, Anerio And Pat Fredericks Vasquez.

Lincoln Jr. High School

Anerio Vasquez. Jr. High Graduate.

Anerio Vasquez 9

Charlie.. High School

Onofrio and Jennie's brood

Back row: Julia, Gertrude, Dorothy and Eleanor.
Front row: Jennie, Frank and Marion.
In front and a bit lower(poor kid) Anerio.

The Vasquez family

More Vasquez' than that couch can hold

Eleanor, Jennie, Onofrio, Mother Jennie, Dorothy and Julia.
Palma, Pat, Anerio, Tony Cincotta, Linda

Growing family.

Anerio, Marion(with Palma), Frank, Joan Lazar Lewis Married to Frank), Jenny, Andrew Scarano, Gertrude, Julia, Joe Frankina. Jennie and Onofrio Vasquez seated. Marion's son Anthony and Jennie's daughter Joanie in front.

Vasquez, Cincottas etc.

Jake Cincotta, Dorothy, Onofrio, ?, ?, Jennie, ?,Mrs. Gravelle, Rose with Gertrude behind, Eunice Gravelle with Pat behind, Joan, Eleanor with ? behind, Anrio and Bob Duly. Seated in front are Andy and Andrew Scarano

Pat and Charlie.

Watch out Pat, he was just as friendly with the pony!

Onofrio Vasquez

At Harvard.

Onofrio Vasquez

The Vasquez Family

Eleanor, Gertrude, Frank, Dorothy, Julia and Anerio.
Seated: Jennie the Daughter and the mother, Onofrio and Marion.

Onofrio and Jennie Vasquez

Three geneations 2

Anerio, Linda, Jennie, their Priest(Sacred Heart?) and Onofrio Vasquez.

to be placed later Vasquez

Two Thorns and a Rose2

Jake Cincotta, Julia and Joe Frankina.

Jennie Vasquez

I do not know any member of the family who has had so many changes in appearance. When I knew her well, she was a pretty, tiny older thing, well dressed, tough but nice. Some of her early pictures were very pretty, but with a devilish smile. Some of these pictures she looked like a dressed brick. So many changes in her life, but always well dressed (even if the brick picture was not flattering) and she seemed to be inspirational as a mother.

Jennie Vasquez

Her cute older stage.

Jennie Cincotta Vasquez

Not yopur most flattering dress Aunt Jennie. You look much like your sister Mary here.

Jennie and Onofrio

Jennie Cincotta vasquez and Onofrio Vasquez in front of their house at 21 Magnolia Street in Malden.

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Robert Cafarella

Rudy and Gloria's son Robert

Tom Cafarella

Rudy and Gloria's son Tom.

Rudolph Cafarella


Janice Cafarella

Rudy and Gloria's daughter Janice.

David Cafarella

Rudy and Gloria's son David.