Thursday, March 8, 2018


This medal commemorates the 50 year anniversary of the first world war.  
 Italy was on the winning side in that war.  The medal was
awarded to living individuals who served at least 6 months in the Italian
military before 1920.  This one was awarded to  Lucy Fichera Van der Hoeven's
 grandfather, Salvatore Cafarella.

The follow up photos.  The two colour attachments are from the award dinner
for the above medal.
Standing behind Salvatore is cousin Maria.  At table are Uncle Domenic Cafarella,
Salvatore Cafarella, Uncle Peter Cafarella, Rosa Fichera, and Aunt Toni.  Salvatore's wife Nella
(Sebastianna), among others, was also there but is not pictured.

Aunt Toni was married to Uncle Domenic.  Toni is great granddaughter to
Gaetano and Giovanna Vasquez through Vincezo son of Francesco.  Domenic is
Great grandson through Salvatore son of Domenico.  Maria is their daughter


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mildred Cafarella Borghini Sinor's son

An FBI agent was honored Wednesday for his work stopping a human trafficking ring with connections to Panama City Beach.
Lawrence P. Borghini, a special agent (SA) with the FBI Jacksonville Division, was named the recipient of the FBI’s Civil Rights Program Award, in recognition of his efforts to dismantle a criminal human trafficking organization that was operating throughout the southeast United States.
The award highlights exemplary work in civil rights investigations, FBI officials wrote in a news release.

The three-year investigation began in June of 2013, when an adult female victim was kidnapped from her Panama City Beach home by two unknown males. The victim later escaped her captors and alerted law enforcement in Mississippi. Borghini identified, located, and arrested one of the captors, Jacobo Feliciano-Fransisco, and determined he was a member of a human trafficking organization.
The victim had been targeted for her prior cooperation with law enforcement in a case that resulted in the arrest and deportation of 13 organization members.  Feliciano-Fransisco was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.
Still, Borghini continued his investigation and identified additional organization members who were actively operating brothels in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. As a result of SA Borghini’s efforts, the organization was dismantled following the arrests and convictions of an additional eight subjects for commercial sex trafficking, including five leaders of the organization.

Borghini is a 22-year veteran of the FBI, and is assigned to the FBI Panama City resident agency.  He has served residents of the Florida Panhandle for five years.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Julia Cafarella in 1991

Julia O'Leary Cafarella, daughter of Salvatore Cafarella.
She is a former Stewardess.
Here is Julia again, on a visit to Malden Massachusetts
with Jake and Rose Cafarella Cincotta.

Giuseppe and Vincenzo Cafarella

 Giuseppe, with the glasses in the cut-and-paste photo of
four military brothers?  This photo is him in front of the fruit shop in 1963.
He is the one with glasses, on the right.  His brother Vincenzo, (Julia's
Grandfather) is on the left.  I do not know the man in the middle.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Antonio Cafarella and some of his children from Livorno


Antonio(Antonino) Cafarella
who lived in Livorno with my
Great Aunt Carolina Cincotta Cafarella
and their children  after leaving the island.
Their children are pictured below and in other posts.

Gaetano Cafarella

Anerio Cafarella

Giovannina Cafarella

Rosina, Cafarella

Anerio with his wife Serafina and their daughter. 
 Patrick and I think this might be a Carabinieri sword
 and those pants from the uniform. 
 I would love to hear from someone
who could confirm that he was in the  Carabinieri.

 Salvatore in the doorway of his
 fruit shop in Essendon (Melbourne.)

Domenico Cafarella with his wife Anna,
 and their daughter Meri.  the other children
in this family were Paola, Laula, Antonio, and Cristina.

Antonio and Carolina's daughter Cristina(the nun) is pictured elsewhere

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pietro Cafarella

Here are of photographs of Rosa Cafarella Fichera's youngest brother Pietro or
Peter Cafarella before he came to Australia.  Peter was just 19 when he left
Sicily, arriving with his brother on the "Oceania" in 1962.  He was
sponsored by Rosario Fichera.  He had apprenticed as a mechanic in a town
called Giarre. Stazzo(Where Rosa was from) is actually closer to Giarre than to Catania.  Here
you can see him on his motorbike in one photo and I really like the other
photo of him working there.  When he came to Melbourne he worked as a "Panel
Beater".  In this country that is what you call someone who works in a
garage that specialises in "smash" repairs.  In America I suppose you would
say he would be working in the body shop of a crash repair garage.  After
that he worked for many years selling petrol (you would say gasoline) at a
petrol station.  He also looked after his aging parents until they died (and
his father lived to be 98).
From Patrick and Lucy Van der Hoeven

these two black and white photos are again of Uncle Peter, working in Sicily.
They are from around 1962.


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Now here is an interesting bit of work.  Looking closely you will see that there are three or four photos here, roughly cut up and stuck together.  Pretty creative really.  
We know two of the men here.
The man with the moustache is Vincezo Cafarella, father of Francesca and
therefore father-in-law of Carolina Cincotta Cafarella's son Salvatore. 
The man in the military cap is believed to be his brother Giuseppe,
that is to say Francesca's Uncle Joe.