Sunday, September 6, 2009

Uncle Joe the Marine

Joseph Gaetano Cafarella ... When Grammie's marriage was not working out, she turned to Uncle Joe to be her surrogate husband. He worked on building the house in Medford, worked to support the family and became the authority figure in the family. She really expected too much from him. He eventually joined the Marines and continued to support the family though with a bit more of a life of his own. One only needs to mention his name to family members and neighbors to start the stories of how wonderful and heroic a man he was. I owned a parrot and could not leave him at home when we traveled. Uncle Joe loved to see him, but he always had nightmares for weeks after we left. The jungle noises reminded him of the jungles in the Pacific. Uncle Joe, a member of Edson's Raiders, was involved in most of the famously harrowing battles of the South Pacific.