Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Abigail Brennan Posts Photos of her Vasquez Family

 Jeffrey Brennan and  Pam Brennan,
 Abigail's parents, married on
April 30, 1988
 Patricia Vasquez and Robert McDonald,
 married on May 2 1993
I will repost this photo as soon as I have a chance to clean up the image.
Left to right:
Patricia Vasquez McDonald,  Pam Vasquez Brennan,
 Charles Vasquez, the Groom Patricia Vasquez, his mother 
James Vasquez,  Linda Walker.
The Bride, Julie McCarthy, is not in his photo.
I will also clean this up and repost it.
 Christmas of 2007 was the last photo
of the entire family before Anerio Vasquez' passing.
 Left to right in the back are:
Robin Cordwell Vasquez, James Vasquez., Patricia Vasquez,
 Anerio Vasquez,
 Jeffrey Brennan and Pam Vasquez Brennan.
Left to right in the front row are:
 Robert McDonald,  Patricia Vasquez McDonald,
 Julie McCarthy Vasquez and  Charles Vasquez.