Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thomas and Mary Cafarella

This was taken in the Summer of 1967, on the great boulder/ledge at the top of Summer Street  in Malden, Ma..  Now the land is completely grown in so the views are no longer this panoramic.  This was land owned by Janice Crossen's grandfather, Gaetano Cafarella, and then Tony Cafarella.  This is also the place where my Grandmother and Grandfather built their tar paper shack to live in when they were first married.
I remember Tom's "look" from the 60'...we all looked that way.  You had to.  Mary was pretty attractive, for a lady in her fifties.  Thank you, Janice Cafarella Crossen for the photo.

Tom was the son of Rudy and Gloria Cafarella
Mary, recently deceased at this writing, was the daughter of Gaetano Cafarella and sister of Rudy and Col. Joe Cafarella.  She never married.